Thursday, September 15, 2011

You CAN"T afford to miss this deal!! (thanks Amy)

Market Basket is having an AMAZING sale. Best sale I have ever seen! Heres the deal General Mills cereal is $2 (fab deal alone), but when you buy 5 of any of the products I list below, and grab some coupons that hanging all around these items,then cereal become $1! AND if you have more coupons its even cheaper! You can possibly get cereal for 50cents! Unheard of. I got mine for 66cents because I had a few $1 off 3 coupons :)
Heres the list-
Old Elpaso taco kits 2 for $4-with coupon $1!
Betty Crocker Supreme brownie mix (norm $2.50) Is $2-with coupon its $1 and with more coupons from newspaper and online, its 50cents. Whoop Whoop
Progesso chicken broth- 2 for $3,with coupon its 50cents!
Gold Medal Flour $1.99-with coupon its just $1!!

Think about ALL the baking needs coming up and STOCK UP!

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