Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coke product 2 liters for 79cents!

I completly forgot to mention that when I was at CVS Monday they had 2 liters of Coke,Sprite,Dr.Pepper, and Diet Coke for 79 cents each! I believe this is week long sale. I was at the CVS in Peterborough :)

Forget Dunkins :)

 I no longer go to Dunkins for my coffee. And if you happen to be in Rindge,NH or driving through, skip Dunkins and go to Fogg's drive through. They have really good coffee (New England Coffee) and for a WAY better price. If you get the coffee flavor of the week,then for 99cents you can get ANY size iced or hot coffee! The flavor this week is Swiss Chocolate Almond...oh soooo good :) And not only can you get your iced/hot coffee for 99cents,they also have coffee cards! After you buy 5 you get 1 free :) No need to spend $2.50 on a medium Dunkins iced coffee anymore! Also the people who work at the Fogg's drive through are very friendly. Its always "service with a smile",and I really like that :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My deal of the day!!

My deal probably can't be repeated,I just got kind of lucky! I called Walmart and asked them if they price match when its a buy1 get 1 free. The associate told me they did. (Price Chopper has Tampax Pearl tampons B1G1 18-20 ct). When I got to the register they told me they only do it if the ad has a price listed (mine didn't) but since I was told on the phone they would do,they'd honor that. whoop whoop! So here is my deal.... one box for $3.96 the next box free, coupon for $3 off 2 and then a 75cent coupon :) So for 21cents(!!!!!) I bought 2 boxes of Tampax Pearl tampons :)
If you read my post from Monday about CVS PAYING me $1 for tampons then you know I am still "in the green"  79cents on 3 boxes of tampons!!! This is why I do what I do,for deals like this :)

Rite Aid

One great thing about Rite Aid is at the beginning of each month they give away ALOT of coupons! At there are whats called Video Values. They are group of mini videos about different products. Each video you watch offers a coupon for their product. For instance $1 off of 2 Oreos, $1 off of sunscreen,$5 off of sunglasses. An extra benefit is that you don't have to print out your coupons right away,you can "bank" them and print them later as you need them. I think its a great idea to have alot of coupons banked there,even ones that you wouldn't normally think to get. Why? Because you can stack these coupons with coupons that come on Sunday in the newspaper. For example Last month there was a $5 off kids sunglasses, then there was a coupon in the newspaper,along with a sale and I had a friend get her kids each a pair of sunglasses for $1 each! You never know what might turn into a great deal :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wild for Wags

I have to be honest I have never stepped foot in a Walgreens. The closest to me is about 30minutes away. I have Rite Aid and CVS so I have never thought of Walgreens,until this week. I got their flyer and they have some pretty sweet deals. Bounty papertowels (6pk) for $4.99, Arizona ice tea (Arnold Palmers,Green tea etc.) are 2 for $1.00. LOVE that. My family is addicted to Arnold Palmers,LOL! is a web site all about great Walgreens deals. You should check it out. She has some pretty good deals (along with some added coupons).
Since I am not going to Keene this week,I will bring my Walgreens flyer to Walmart and get my Bounty paper towels and Arizona's :) (they price match). But if you have a Walgreens then check out and Im sure you'll find some AWSOME deals too!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Shaws adventure :)

Shaws is fun because list or no list you never really know what your going to get until you get in there. Today I knew I needed milk, so I bought 2 half gallons of organic milk for $1 each,saving about $3.10 for both,also got a half gallon of chocolate organic milk for $1,saving another $1.59. Bought Florida OJ for 75cents,saving about $1.25,  2 Trop50's for $1 each saving another $3,plus a Philli Cooking cream marked down to $1. I had a $1 off coupon for the cooking cream so it was FREE :) ALL Laundry soap for 64loads is $5.99 (on sale) I used my $1 off coupon and for it for $4.99. I haven't researched it but I think its a decent price :)
CVS was good. For $5.79 I bought a box of tampons,2 bags of Lays, a 2 liter of Sprite,a bag of twizzlers and a package of peanutbutter crackers :)

Dear CVS,I LOVE you :)

Heres my plan. CVS has RepHresh Brilliant tampons for $6.97, AND they are giving $6.97 just for buying them. Which makes them free,but heres where it gets good......I have a $1 off coupon! Whoop Whoop. So not only do I get FREE tampons but they are PAYING me $1 to buy them. I love you CVS :) I got my coupon from :) Heres another reason to LOVE CVS! Buy 2 John Frieda Full Repair Styler at $6 each,use 2 $5 off 1 John Frieda Full Repair product from smartsource on 6/5,Pay $2, get back $3 in CVS bucks,makes both FREE AND a moneymaker! Do you need ANOTHER reason? Well here ya go :) Buy 4 Dove Men Care Body and Face Wash at  $5 each, use 2 B1G1 Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash or Active Clean Shower Tool from yesterdays redplum coupons ( 6/26). Then use 2 $1/1 Dove Body Wash,also from yesterdays replum coupons ( 6/26).Pay $8, get back $5 ECB. Makes it $0.75 each :) I MUST say it again....I LOVE YOU CVS :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Sunday Deals :)

I love Sundays,not just because its Gods day,but because its coupon day :) I wake up before everyone else,brew my coffee and run to get my 2 Newspapers and my Monadnock Home Shopper (it has flyers and sometimes there are coupons in the store flyer).  Ok so this week some of my FAVORITE deals are;

At Hanafords I got 2 (yes 2!) boxes of Pillsbury Brownie mix for a TOTAL of 45cents. Yup you read that right...45cents for BOTH! How did I do that? Well Pillsbury Brownie mix is on "sale" for $1 each, a couple weeks ago I printed a coupon from for $1 off of 2,then in the newpaper today there was a 55cents coupon so I got $1.55 cents off of 2 boxes :) ALSO at Hanafords there are Cape Cod Potato Chips for 2 for $4, along with a coupon in todays paper for $1 off 2 :) Making their chips $1.50 each.

Walgreens has has Pringles for 4 for $5, with $1 in Walgreens bucks,so 4 for $4. There is a coupon in the newspaper for $1 off off 3. So between the bucks and the coupon Pringles are 75cents :)

CVS has Palmolive dish soap for 88cents, I have a coupon for $1 off 2 so that makes it 76cents for 2! Whoop Whoop :) Also Lays potato chips are $1.88, I don't have a coupon but thats still a good deal :)

Tomorrow I go to Shaws. I LOVE going to Shaws! I find my best deals there. So tomorrow I will post my good...maybe even a picture LOL!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


So I am VERY new to this. I have never blogged and look at it almost like a diary for the public to view! Hope both I and others enjoy :)