My stores

Hannafords is great because the people who work there are VERY friendly.Its calm and the associates really do want to help you. But they are AWSOME because if you go in on a weekday morning (hard I know if you work), but if you go in early they will have meats marked for 75cents,$1.00,$ They also have a bin near the pharmacy where they have items marked for 50%-75% off. They really have the BEST meat and its the only place I get my meats.

ShawsShaws is AWSOME because any day of the week you can go in there and they DOUBLE any of your coupons that are under $1.00! So you can have  a coupon for 75cents and they will double it! How awsome is that! They also have a mark down section where I buy milk milk,sometimes yogurts and often buy juice. Its the stuff that has a "sell by" date that is that day or the next. Those are fine with me because my kids eat/drink them so fast they they don't really have time to expire. I can often buy a gallon of milk for $1.50, 1/2 gal of OJ for 50cents. Also Shaws often gives out coupons on their web site or in seperate booklets that you can get at the store. For instance I currently have 2 $5 off of $25 for letting them email me :)

Rite Aid and CVSRite Aid and CVS are AWSOME because of store bucks. It's a coupon they give you that is valued at a certain amount to spend in their store. For instance last week CVS had toothpaste for $2.97cents, they gave you $2 in CVS bucks if you bought it. So attatched to you reciept is a part that says $2 CVS bucks.You can then turn around and use it on ANYTHING in CVS! So its like you only spent 97 cents on toothpaste,but (heres where it get fun) you can very often find coupons for toothpaste! Now with that same CVS deal imagine if you have a coupon for $1 off? You'd make 3cents. And 3 cents profit is still profit :) I can't remember the last time I spent money on toothpaste. More often then not I make money on it.

Price Chopper
Price Chopper is alot like Shaws. Minus the good milk/dairy/juice deals. But they often have extra coupons in their flyer,and sometimes even for triple coupons!

I don't know much about Market Basket. I just started going. I will update when I find my pros :)