Common Myths

Myth 1- The coupons are only for junk food and other things I don't eat.

Not true. If you wash your hair,brush your teeth,use soap,do laundry,and clean your house,then you should coupon.

Myth 2- Coupons are only for brand name stuff and by the time I use the coupon its still the same price as the generic version.

Not really true. Yes coupons are for brand name stuff, but when you use them you pay a fraction of the generic price. I am bummed if I don't make money on tooth paste and tooth brushes. I don't usually pay more then 50c or 75c for shampoos/conditioners. Cereal I pay anywhere between $1 and $1.50, sometimes less if its a FAB sale :)

Myth 3- When you cut out one coupon it cuts out and ruins the coupons on the back of the page.

Not true at all. They print coupons so that they are on different ends or sides of the paper. Making it impossible to ruin the coupons on the back of the page.