What do I do?

1-I buy 2 Newspapers.I ALWAYS look inside at the papers "guts" and make sure the paper I am buying isn't missing the coupons.

2- This next one is up to you but I find it helps me ALOT. I update my coupons weekly in a database then print it out and keep my coupon list in my coupon pack.

3- I go through each stores flyers/web page and match up my coupons to their sales.

4. I make a list for each store and STICK TO IT.

5. When you first start out it can get addicting to find free stuff and feel like you need a ton and can't miss out. Remember that sales repeat every 4-6 weeks. And the same coupons come out every 4-6 weeks. So they key is to start a 4-6 week stock pile. For example,if you find your cereal for $1 a box (which you will) then buy enough for a month. ( I buy 12 boxes).  If you find shampoo for cheap then buy it,just don't buy 20 because theres no need.

Have Fun shopping!